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Sakonnet Martial Arts offers instruction in the Traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is relatively modern: however, its basis, the Korean disciplines of Soo Bahk and Tae Kyun, date back many centuries. Tang Soo Do is a composite style influenced by the Northern Chinese arts, the Southern Chinese arts, and the Okinawan discipline of Karate. The Chinese influences are as follows: basic training (Seh Bop - method of postures, Bo Bop - method of steps, Ryun Bop - method of conditioning), and form and combat applications (Dham Toi Sip E Ro, and "Tae Kuk Kwon"). The Okinawan influences were primarily a result of the Japanese occupation of Korea from 1910-1945. The term "Tang Soo Do" was the name Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee, founder of Chung Do Kwan, originally applied to his art. After a meeting with Mr. Lee in 1947, Kwan Jhang Nim Hwang Kee decided to integrate the art of this "Tang Soo Do" (Okinawan discipline of Karate) into his Hwa Soo Do discipline. Our kicking techniques, for which Tang Soo Do is recognized, are based on the ancient Korean kicking style of Tae Kyun which was later formalized by Grandmaster Hwang Kee, founder of the Hwa Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan style. Tang Soo Do is both a hard and soft style, deriving its hardness in part from Soo Bahk and its soft flowing movements from the Northern and Southern Chinese systems.

We humbly invite you to explore our site and visit our dojang (school). Our principal philosophy is training to promote a healthier, longer life. Our training encompasses development of the mind, body, and spirit. We strongly believe that there is value in Tang Soo Do Training for everyone, regardless of age or athletic background.


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1985 East Main Road (Route 138)
Portsmouth, RI 02871
phone: (401) 624-3381

Inspirational Quotes:

"Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

Sakonnet Martial Arts operates as the WHAK-RI Center, is a member of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association and abides by the rules of the association as directed by Grandmaster Charles Ferraro (West Haven, CT). For comments or issues regarding this website, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it